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Our Mission

Our goals are to work with the City of Phoenix and State of Arizona to improve the benefits of current retired officers as well as those retiring in the future.

Our focus also will be on helping one another through individual skills, education, and community activities. This site is dedicated to all Police Officers; past, present and future and for all the sacrifices you have made to maintain that Thin Blue Line.

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2013 ARPO Annual Meeting and Healthcare Update

Meeting Minutes- PDF File

Retired Phoenix Police and Dispatchers'
Family Reunion & Picnic - PDF File


On April 23, 2010 the ARPO Board met to discuss Association business and the letter from the Police Museum was reviewed. A motion was made and unanimously passed to the effect that ARPO would "adopt" the Police Museum as our special project and would encourage all Phoenix Police retirees to support the museum in several ways.

AARPO Adopts the Police Museum- PDF File

Membership Qualifications


Regular Membership: All retired police officers of the Phoenix, Arizona Police Department who retired in good standing shall be eligible for membership in the Association of Retired Phoenix Officers as of the date of retirement and compliance with other requirements.

Honorary Membership: Upon application to the Board of Directors of the Association, honorary memberships may be granted to such applicants as the Board shall determine. Including those not otherwise eligible for membership and who have made significant personal contributions to the Association cause. An Honorary Lifetime membership may be bestowed on the surviving spouse of a deceased retiree who was a regular member at time of death. Dues may be waived for an Honorary member.

Associate Membership: Upon application to the ARPO Board of Directors, and compliance with other requirements, an Associate Membership may be bestowed on those wishing to make significant contributions to the Association and who are not otherwise eligible for membership, and may include as follows, among others that might be determined by the Board:

1. A former Phoenix police officer who left the Phoenix Police Department in good standing prior to being eligible for retirement, and who continued an honorable law enforcement or investigative career with another public or private agency or other honorable life endeavors.

2. Any Phoenix Police Department retired civilian employee who retired from the City of Phoenix Police Department in good standing.

Annual Membership Dues: Your ARPO Board has extended the suspension of regular annual membership dues through the year 2008 as we have sufficient funds for current needs. If you are already an ARPO member, a new application is not necessary.

New Members: Phoenix Police sworn officer retirees and those eligible for an Associate membership who wish to become members of ARPO should submit an application for membership, available to be downloaded and printed from this web site. There is a one time $10.00 initiation fee for all new members and a check or money order is required with your application. Please do not mail cash. The ARPO mailing address changed in October 2006, so please use the new application posted on this web site and the address on the top of the application form.

2013 - 2014 Association Officers

President: John Augustyn
Vice President: Joyce Hubler
Secretary: Andy Baxter
Treasurer: Jim Tucker
Chaplain: Tom Bradley


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